Just answers to common questions.

I have a great idea for an app! Will you make it for me?
No. I have a huge list of my own app ideas to work through.

I saw this cool piece of furniture at <insert-big-name-furniture-store-here> but it was too expensive. Can you build it for less?
No. For two reasons. One, custom woodwork is expensive. Two, I only build my own designs.

Do you build commissioned furniture?
Sometimes. Depends on two things: my availability, and if I like the idea. Part of the reason I started building furniture was to make things that I like. If I don’t like the concept, I’m not going to take on the commission. I value my shop time too much to spend it making things I don’t want to make.

How much would you charge to make <insert-furniture-idea-here>?
It depends. It depends on what species of wood you want the item made from (the cost of lumber varies wildly depending on the species) and how long it’s going to take to build. As an example, if you wanted a Queen Anne-style coffee table made from cherry, it probably cost $1,800.00.

I just had new family pictures taken. Will you make a frame for them?
NO! Without exception I DO NOT build picture frames. I hate making them.

I like your cutting boards. Can you engrave our family name in one?
Not yet. This requires a laser cutter or a CNC machine. I currently posses neither. This may be an option at a later date.